Build, learn and scale.

Path to digital success is not a one shot game but rather a loop of bad and good experiments. That requires strategical and methodological mindset, aim for scalability and profitability as well as A-class execution in multiple disciplines. Lean Technologies has it all.


  • Web Development

    Front and backend web development strengthened by continuous integration.

  • User Experience & User Interface

    Lean approach to a user-centric design secured by qualitative research for meeting UX objectives.

  • Product Management

    Full responsibility in leading customers through a digital journey from idea to a business defined success.


  • Web Analaytics

    Development and optimisation of customer funnels for improved LTV or ROI.

  • Customer Development

    Efficient tactics in developing hypothesis for experiments that help companies understand and grow their customer base.

  • Growth Hacking 

    Applying latest techniques for micro and macro optimisation that can open opportunities for rapid scale.


  • Business Strategy & Opperations

    Assistance and consulting on behalf of your needs in opperations, investment and vendors.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Elimination of all technical constraints for a global product with the help of AWS or Microsoft Azure.

  • Digital Marketing Validation

    Validation of digital channels and strategies for scalability with limited budget.

Perfect partner for growth

Digitalise your industry secrets, ideas and expertise into a global, scalable and succesfull product in a full cooperation or with minimal involvement.

Reliable Execution

There is no place for technical constrains in global innovation. Your forces should be focuses on finding your market.

Lean Approach

We help to find as many qualifying experiments as possible on your timeline and budget in order to increase your likelihood for success.

ROI-secured Approach

Simple outsourcing never works out. Today parties have to share and reach goals together. We are one of the few who is willing to take responsibility for your results.

From a shared office space to a successful tech startup in US

We successfully established and executed a Digital Department in Residence, where we assisted  young but talented founders from their first sales at Roskilde Festival to a successful investment, production outsourcing, Kickstarter campaign and global digital sales including their successful entrance to US market.

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Global Online Sales

Executing online sales as main revenue channel including strategy, web development, customer development and growth campaigns.

Identity & Positioing

Developing core principles of brand identity and communication positioning for company's main segments.

Best Kickstarter in region

Developing and executing a secure digital strategy for achieving success in Kickstarter fundraising. It resultted to be the best funded Kickstarter in Scandinavia at that time.


Automating sales process in terms of accounting and logistics.

A serious player hits real estate landscape

Bolighandel is being helped on regular basis to realize it's strong ambition of taking a solid stake on the real estate market with innovative services and tools. We gladly share mutual trust and play a crucial role of Digital Department in Residence for the business.

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Real Estate Portal

Launching a whole real estate aggregator from scratch in just a few months and with limited budget.

Valuation Machine

Developing an intelligent algorithm for estimating current real estate value based on today's market conditions.