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Software for the automation age

We are a specialised software house delivering custom solutions for automation. We build web applications and backend systems for our customers in manufacturing and finance sectors.

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Why Leantech is good for you

Time to market

No need to build a new team. Our team is ready to execute and is highly specialised to ensure your challenges are foreseen and solved quickly.

One stop shop

We possess all of the required competences in house. We have project and product managers, UX/UI designers, IT architects, server admins and developers.

Complete handover

Once the project is over we can hand it over to your in house team or continue maintaining it until you build one or forever. We do not retain any IP and everything we build is yours.

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What we can build for you

Web solutions

We were a web agency once. Therefore our web solutions are user friendly, intuitive and cross platform. Everything you would expect from a modern web system.

Backend and data solutions

Whether it is sensor data or huge real estate market datasets our backend solutions are always secure, scalable, stable and high-performing.

Web solutions

We have extensive experience in making the web applications for various management applications, system dashboards, data visualization and various advanced custom web tools such as graphical editors or control panels.

Our knowledge of the automation industry and extensive experience in launching various large scale web projects make us a perfect vendor for automation companies looking for grade A web expertise.

Backend and data systems

We are accustomed to huge information loads and systems of different nature working in harmony. Our solutions connect thousands of devices providing businesses real-time information that enable them to make better decisions.

We also work with imagery, video, bots and we will not stop exploring new fields.

We program everything performance sensitive in blazing fast Rust and use different propriatary databases for different cases.


Saving 100+ hours per month

Automation of shipment process and order flow gave Soundboks the opportunity to re-allocate human resources within the organisation to strengthen the focus on sales.

Web App

SMS messaging

API integration

Generation of half a million images daily

Marketing agencies could never bring themselves around to optimize every image. It simply was too much effort that would never pay off. ImageUp solved that problem by automating the image optimization process that is becoming a standard in product catalog marketing.

Advanced HTML5 image editor

API integrations

Advanced infrastructure

Saving a week worth of work

By automating temporary teacher management in Danish schools, Subit was able to save 2 hours of work per day on average at each and every school. The software does the job now, while schools' administration can focus on education.




Real time viewership data

We designed and built a system that gathers real time statistics from TV Set top boxes. The system currently collects real time viewership data from 5000+ IoT devices and helps the customer to make better decisions when it comes to their offerings and their network.

Web App

API integration

High load database

We are an agency, and agencies often scale simply by getting more people, but that's ineffective, time-consuming and expensive.Working with Leantech has allowed us to improve the work we are doing for clients, while at the same time decreasing the time spent.This way, they helped us to achieve our goal of remaining a small, specialized team, delivering our service at a world-class level. Automation (read Leantech) has made us one of the leading Facebook agencies in the Nordic countries. 

Nick Traulsen, CEO

We needed a program to handle the communication between our webshop and our forwarder. We couldn't find any software that fit our needs. Lean tech were very quick in understanding our needs and within 2 months we had a working custom solution. The software really boosted our precision, reporting and saved a lot of man hours. It did exactly what it should.

Didrik Smidt-Nielsen, Supply Chain Manager

Who we are

We are energetic and young team that average 30 years in age. Many of the current employees have been in the company since its inception in 2012. We are wide range of talents starting from Project and Product managers, UX/UI designers, Developers and Server administrators enables us to handle multiple projects at a time.

Office in Copenhagen and Vilnius - Dual location enables us to tap in to wider talent pool, offer more attractive solutions as well as be closer to our clients

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